Top Dog's Evolution

The Beginning

Back in 2012, a small group of young professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, product development research, and management start their research in Crete with the goal of developing and producing natural pet care and grooming products. What or rather who inspired them? T Their 4-legged roommate who could not find the right shampoo to get rid of the oiliness and "dog odour" from its coat. This is the beginning of the Top Dog tale, and as we have grown in size and maturity, we are happy to be able to offer to everyone's pets safe, natural, and highly effective care and grooming solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each pet.


Since then, we have maintained a constant dialogue with pet owners, expert pet groomers, veterinarians, and other pet professionals in related fields to better understand the needs of pets. As a result, we have been able to develop a wide range of products that is continually being enriched while always keeping in mind the health and well-being of pets—a promise we will never break.
Each and every Top Dog product combines a range of organic active ingredients and essential oils that give them special qualities and spectacular outcomes while meeting the individual demands of every pet.

Our company's Research and Development division, which is more cutting-edge than ever, is continually updated on new studies pertaining to the health and well-being of pets, given that their way of life has changed substantially in the current era. As new research on ingredients emerges, they keep abreast of it and validate its positive impact on products designed for use by pets.

The Future

Following our successful entry into the Greek market and gaining the trust of our customers, our goal is to expand dynamically, broadening the spectrum of needs we serve both in Greece and abroad!


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Top Dog's Nature

Our wonderful planet has bequeathed us scattered treasures that can heal us, soothe our pain, care for us, and enhance our beauty. This is the power and energy that drives all of Top Dog's products. Our goal is to use nature to create products for healthy and happy pets. Top Dog creates formulas that optimize and enhance the power of natural ingredients, resulting in targeted results that cater to the needs of your pet's coat and skin, keeping your pet healthy and happy. All Top Dog products combine a variety of natural active ingredients and essential oils to provide unique characteristics and amazing results while meeting the specific needs of each pet. Our products contain Aloe Vera, which deeply moisturizes the skin, as well as extremely beneficial olive oil, which has antioxidant and nourishing properties, and rich plant extracts that contain highly concentrated active ingredients that have antibacterial, soothing, moisturizing, and antiseptic properties.
Top Dog pet grooming products are brimming with many more natural active ingredients in their formulas. Join us and learn about their power!

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Our Scientific "Nature"

The active substances of the natural ingredients in our products are activated and enhanced using appropriate modern scientific methods and sophisticated technological means. Our company's Research and Development division is constantly updated on new research related to the well-being and health of pets, as their way of life has changed significantly in the modern world. All at the same time, we research new bioactive substances and their action on the skin in order to confirm their beneficial effect on pet-related products.

Our expertise, research, and need for innovation underpin the development of high-performance pet products. Top Dog has the right product for every situation; when used correctly and methodically, our products can provide valuable assistance in both pampering the coat and ensuring the health of your pet's skin. Top Dog products nourish the coat, help to protect the skin from a variety of environmental damaging factors, and regulate specific skin conditions that require extra care (e.g., excessive oiliness) by healing any damage.

Our products have never been or will ever be tested on animals. The raw materials are subjected to rigorous safety controls and extensive laboratory tests are carried out on the final products, depending on their use for grooming and pet care. All of our raw materials are tested and certified to ensure that our finished products meet uniformity and stability standards from batch to batch.

Top Dog believes that the power of Nature combined with the power of Science can provide beneficial and safe care products while respecting pets, their guardians, and our planet!

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Quality Control / Certifications / Awards

At Top Dog the key factor that governs all our operations is the absolute dedication to the health and well-being of pets. With a sense of responsibility towards the pets themselves as well as their guardians, we have established strict production protocols to ensure the quality of our products.

Quality Control

Quality control is imperative to us at all stages of the product life cycle, so we take various precautions to identify potential risks during the development, production, packaging, and transportation of our products.
The following are the main axes of control and quality assurance:

1. Certificates of Analysis of all raw materials per batch from our suppliers. This is how we ensure that our final products are free of contamination (microbiological, physicochemical) and meet uniformity and stability specifications from batch to batch.
2. Our company abides by the European Union's mandatory regulation CLP 1272/2008, which is also the strict regulation for registering the risk of a product for both the pet and the user-guardian.
3. Each product is identified by the lot number LOT and is subjected to microbiological and pH control by an independent and accredited analysis laboratory.
4. All products are manufactured in 316L quality metal tanks, which are suitable for the production of medicines and cosmetics and are highly corrosion resistant. This prevents material migration from the production tools and product contamination from corrosion.
5. We use sterile water (Ultra Clean) with extremely low conductivity (0.055 siemens), which improves the cleaning power of finished products, extends their shelf life, and eliminates the interaction of ions and metals that deionized water or conventional tap water would have with the sensitive ingredients in the products.
6. Production procedures in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 and GMP standards, to which the company is certified.

GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified

The management of all Top Dog operations in accordance with the principles outlined in the international standard ISO 9001:2015 is the dominant factor that can ensure the continuous satisfaction of the needs of the pets and, by extension, the requirements of the guardians. Top Dog monitors and studies pet needs as well as developments in research and technology in areas related to the products it produces within the framework of the implementation of the integrated Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, so that it can offer dependable, functional, and innovative products that promote pet health and wellness for healthy pets and happy pet owners!

At the same time, Top Dog follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Rules, as this certification provides the company with a significant competitive advantage in the promotion of its products.


The satisfaction of pets and guardians is extremely important to us at Top Dog. Our greatest reward is happy, healthy, and active pets! However, we are always pleased with the awards that our products have received at the national and international levels because of their outstanding quality and efficiency.
Top Dog was awarded for two consecutive years, 2021-2022, at the Pet Awards for a variety of products, awards that demonstrate our knowledge, experience, and expertise in producing dependable and effective products for pets.
At the same time, Top Dog Dry Cleaning 150ml, a foam shampoo for dry cleaning locally on soiled spots, was awarded for the innovative use of olive oil in a pet product at the World Olive Oil Exhibition in 2022 held in Madrid, as well as Top Dog repair Leave In mask at World Olive Oil Exhibition in 2023.
These distinctions validate the effectiveness of the company's efforts toward quality and innovation, while also denoting a commitment to the future. Top Dog constantly monitors the latest research and studies related to pet health and well-being, is informed about new natural and active ingredients, and evolves the technologies it employs in order to offer products for pets that provide health and beauty, always with the Top Dog guarantee!

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Our Top Team.