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Gentle bathing for dogs with disabilities or limited mobility: Tips for a stress-free experience.

Bathing our loyal friends is an important part of their grooming routine, but it can become quite difficult when our dog has any kind of mobility challenge. Dogs with mobility problems, whether due to age, injury, or some other health condition, may not be easy to be taken to a professional groomer, while at the same time they may need bathing more often than average precisely because of their mobility challenges.
Here are some simple and effective tips on how to bathe a dog with disability at home, as well as which products we recommend for the best care of their skin and coat.

1. Choose the right space:

Choose a bathing area that minimizes your dog's need to move on stairs or slippery surfaces. A walk-in shower would be ideal.

2. Use a non-slip mat:

Place a non-slip mat in the tub or shower to provide your dog with safe footing. This will help it feel more stable and not slip.

3.Consider using a portable ramp:

For dogs with limited mobility or those who cannot step into the tub, a portable ramp can make the process easier.

4.Choose a gentle dog shampoo for sensitive skin:

Choose a gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin. This is especially important to address their possibly sensitive skin or any existing skin conditions caused by immobility.

What shampoos Top Dog recommends for dogs with disabilities or limited mobility.

Daily maintenance
Keep your dog's coat and hygiene area clean with Top Dog Dry Cleaning dry shampoo. With Dry Cleaning you can clean your dog on a daily basis without the use of water, especially in the places that tend to get soiled such as around their hygiene area.
For dogs with calluses, wounds, or general skin conditions, use Top Dog Ear and Skin Care and Top Dog Wound Relief to care for wounds and generally areas of the skin that may have been affected by immobility.
With Ear & Skin Care 3in1, you can spray directly on the affected area to immediately relieve itching and speed up wound healing or use it as a deodorant by spraying freely and evenly throughout the coat, avoiding their eyes and nose. If your pet has a strong odor, you can use it daily for optimal results.

Wounds and abrasions can be cared for with Wound Relief Ointment which can be applied to any area of the skin and feet to prevent or treat skin lesions. It can be used alone or in conjunction with the veterinary protocol for holistic pet skin care. Apply to the affected area and repeat as often as needed to keep the area moisturized until the pet is relieved of the discomfort.
For the bath.
We recommend using Derma Equilibrium and Green Clay shampoos for dogs with wounds, bedsores, or extremely sensitive skin.
Wash first with Derma Equilibrium which will help soothe the skin and then wash a second time with Green Clay Shampoo. Green Clay Shampoo will help to naturally detoxify the skin and deeply hydrate it.
Alternatively, and if your dog does not have a specific skin condition, Baby Powder Dog Shampoo is also perfect.

5.Support and comfort: Ask for help.

Handling a dog with limited mobility is not a one-person job. To avoid discomfort and possible injury to your dog or even yourself, ask a family member or friend to help you. You need help moving the dog, holding it while you bathe it, or someone to give you what you need for the bath.
If your dog is not mobile at all or has trouble standing for long periods of time, consider supporting them with a sling (a sheet or large towel can be used as one). This can help "take" the weight off their legs and make the experience more comfortable.
You can also try using an inflatable ring or pillow to place underneath and support the body part that needs support.

6.Rinse well, have towels ready and dry well with a hair dryer:

Remember to rinse your dog very well and not to leave any shampoo residue on the coat and skin. This is very important as insufficient rinsing can cause irritation to your dog's skin.
Keep a stack of soft towels nearby to dry your dog off quickly. After towel drying, dry completely with a blow dryer. Use the medium setting and do not bring the blow dryer too close to the skin.

7.Comfort after bathing:

After bathing, provide a warm, dry area for your dog to rest. You can use a warm blanket or a well-padded bed to make sure they feel relaxed and safe.

Bathing a dog with mobility challenges requires a little extra care, but with the right approach and some careful preparation, you can make it an enjoyable experience for both you and your beloved faithful companion.

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