Ear & Skin Care
3in1 150ml

for ear cleaning with deodorant properties.

Ear & Skin Care 3in1 αποσμητικό σπρέι σκύλων

Ear & Skin Care 3in1 150ml

Deodorant Spray with Bio-Active Silver, having deodorant and healing properties, for the pet’s ears, coat and skin.


Introducing 3in1 Ear & Skin Care

Our unique ​Ear & Skin Care 3in1​ is a complex product with multiple uses, for complete and holistic dog care.

First, it can be used as an ear cleaner, removing any dirt in the inner and outer ear canal and neutralizing bacteria. This way, it can also boost veterinary protocol when used in combination with an ear treatment.

Secondly, it can be used as a coat deodorant and it is the ideal product for dogs with a strong odour caused by bacteria (especially Corynebacterium spp.), yeasts and fungi and acts rapidly immediately after its use.

And finally, it strengthens the skin barrier and can be used for first aid in cuts and particular skin conditions, soothing the symptoms of itching.

It contains bio-active silver ​micro-particles​ that act rapidly and strengthen your pet’s defenses against bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The ​emulsifier blend, combined with Tea Tree and Mint essential oils,​ has a deep cleansing and soothing action.

Essential for your pet’s daily hygiene, especially for pets that suffer from specific skin conditions, pets with a strong odor or pets with sensitive ears that suffer from frequent ear infections and need increased care. Easy to use, with a Vegan composition, Hypoallergenic and Water-based.

The benefits of Ear & Skin 3in1

Tα πλεονεκτήματα του Ear & Skin
  • Ear
  • Deodorant properties
    for the whole body
  • Healing
  • Daily
  • Suitable
    for dogs

The Nature in Ear & Skin Care 3in1

95% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Ear&Skin care 3in1 Nature για σκύλους

Ear Cleaning, Deodorant & Healing action


Silver Microparticles
Tea Tree
essential Oil

For all types of coat

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Cleaning - Use on ears

Spray on a cotton disc or cotton cloth and clean the area around the ear canal. If there are a lot of dirt and secretions, spray directly into the ear.

Protection, Healing - Use on wound

Spray directly on the affected area to immediately relieve itching and accelerate wound healing.

Deodorant properties - Use on the whole body

Spray freely and evenly throughout the coat, avoiding the eyes and nose of the pet. If you accidentally spray the eyes or nose, rinse with water. If your pet has a strong odor, you can use it daily for optimal results.

It neutralises odours caused by bacteria and prevents their growth, cleans and protects the pet’s ears and helps wounds and abrasions heal faster. An essential pet care product Ear & Skin Care has a triple action and is used:

On the whole body for immediate deodorant action and protection.

Tip: When it is rainy outside and the odor is especially strong, even spraying it on a wet coat can help remove unpleasant odors.

On wounds and abrasions to protect against bacteria, yeasts and fungi and to accelerate healing.

For cleaning the ears, protecting them against bacteria and repeated ear inflammations and infections.

Distilled Water, Silver Microparticles 24ppm, Emulsifiers, Mentha Arvensis Leaf Extract, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil.

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