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Pet Fragrance 200ml

with an intoxicating cookies scent.

Επαγγελματικό Άρωμα Κατοικιδίων Cookies 200ml

Cookies Professional Pet Fragrance 200ml

water-based, alcohol-free dog fragrance with a wonderful cookies scent. Moisturizes and refreshes the coat. With slow-release technology for long-lasting fragrance.


Introducing Cookies Fragrance

The professional Cookies fragrance is an Eau de Parfum, meaning that the formula has a much higher content of aromatic oils and a stronger smell than Eau de Toilettes. With Panthenol, Lavender essential oil, and Vitamin E, it also acts as a strong coat moisturizing lotion. Its fragrance is very long-lasting and keeps the pet fresh for days, demonstrating the benefits of grooming more strongly and making the aesthetic effect more apparent to the end customer.


The benefits of Cookies Fragrance

Επαγγελματικό Άρωμα Κατοικιδίων Cookies 200ml
  • Long-lasting
  • Water-based
  • Alcohol-free
  • Moisturizes the
  • Fabulous fragrance
    that refreshes the coat

The Nature in Cookies

80% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Επαγγελματικό Άρωμα Κατοικιδίων Cookies 200ml

Moisturizing and Incredible Cookies Scent


Ultrapure WaterUltrapure Water

Water processing plays a crucial role in the production of grooming and cosmetic products. We ensure that the water we use meets the highest pharmaceutical industry standards. We put it through a thorough filtration process to remove harmful chemicals like toxic organic substances, chlorine, heavy metals, dirt, and other impurities. Ultrapure water not only boosts the effectiveness of our products allowing them to be effective using minimum quantity, but also allows our shampoos to clean even in areas with hard water. This means you'll use less product, save money, and enjoy a smoother, longer-lasting experience."

Vitamin E Vitamin E

The vitamin E or tocopherol used in the products is a 100% naturally derived mixture of at least 70% tocopherols incorporated in vegetable oil. It protects both the skin cells and the oils contained in the products from oxidative stress, increasing the moisturizing and nourishing action they can offer. It is a COSMOS approved ingredient. It works synergistically with vitamin C and greatly increases the antioxidant protection of the products over a longer period of time.


Lavender extract is known for its soothing influence on animals and is a popular choice in aromatherapy. Additionally, lavender offers antifungal properties and enhances insect repellency. You can find it in various products, including Citronella Shampoo and Fragrance, which help protect against ectoparasites, Cookies Shampoo and Fragrance for deep skin hydration and easy grooming, as well as our extraordinary Wound Relief ointment, which aids in the healing of abrasions and skin lesions.

For all coat types - Γιά όλους τους μικρούς σας φίλους

for optimum


Shake well before use


Spray from a distance of about 25 cm on the pet's coat according to the application instructions (see the relevant table below). Avoid spaying the product near the eyes and nose of the pet.


Slow-release technology makes the scent last and keeps the pet's grooming fresh

Application Instructions

3 sprays
5 sprays
7 sprays

Aqua, Fragrance, Glycerin, Panthenol, Emulsifiers, Lavandula Angustifolia Extract,  Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate, Mild Preservative System, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin.

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