Bright Shine

For a dazzling, shiny coat.

Bright Shine Spray 75ml

Bright Shine Spray 75ml

Coat styling for amazing shine. Hydrates and nourishes.


Meet Bright Shine

Bright Shine spray is the ideal product for the final stage of styling after brushing. It contains a complex system of light silicones, Argan oil and vitamin E. Its rich composition offers a shiny, lustrous coat while promoting the coat’s health.  It nurtures the coat and promotes shine without oiliness. It does not need rinsing and leaves no residue, offering amazing shine and a silky feel.

The benefits of Bright Shine

Bright Shine Spray 75ml
  • Astonishing Shine &
  • Protects
    the coat
  • Does not
    grease the coat
  • Does not
    require rinsing

Bright Shine’s Nature

80% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Bright Shine Spray 75ml

Shine, Hydration, Protection


Vitamin E

Suitable for all coat types - Γιά όλους τους μικρούς σας φίλους

Tips for

Bright Shine is suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.


Apply at the end of the grooming routine. Keeping a distance of about 20 cm, spray on the coat in the form of a mist.


Spray evenly all over the coat avoiding the eye and nose area. 1 to 3 sprays are enough depending on the weight of the pet.


Does not require rinsing.

On our blog, you can find detailed useful tips on grooming and many other pet hygiene issues, such as dog bathing at home, puppy bathing tips, mistakes to avoid and much more.

Below you can find some quick tips we should all follow when grooming our pets at home.

Training: We make sure to create as calm an atmosphere as possible, and with training and positive encouragement, we try to make bathing a pleasant or at least tolerable experience for our pet.

How often do I wash my dog? For most dogs, 1 to 2 times a month is enough. For dogs with a more oily coat or a strong odour, you may need to adjust the frequency and type of shampoo you use. For dogs with skin problems, hair loss or other particular coat needs, consult your veterinarian. Avoid bathing when an antiparasitic preparation has been applied to the coat (ampoule).

Water temperature: Lukewarm water is ideal. Not too hot or too cold. Check the temperature on your elbow or the top of your hand (not the palm) so that it feels pleasantly warm but not too warm.

Be careful not to get water into the ears and do not clean the inside of the ears with water.

Rinse your pet thoroughly and do not leave any shampoo residue. Ideally, after the bath, we apply a conditioner or mask to moisturise the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

Drying: Remove as much moisture as possible with a towel and then dry completely with a hair dryer. Do not use the high temperature setting and do not keep the hair dryer too close to the dog's coat.

Daily hygiene: Try Top Dog Dry Cleaning shampoo and effectively clean the stains and dirt locally on your pet's paws, coat and sanitary area.

Silicone System, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Vitamin E Acetate, Fragrance, Linalyl Acetate, Benzyl Salicylate, Phenethyl Alcohol, Linalool.

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