Quality Policy

TOP DOG is a company synonymous with the provision of hygiene and grooming products for pets of very high quality. The company is committed to providing products to the absolute
satisfaction of its customers and their pets, ensuring that all the production processes and practices it follows work and are constantly improved in this direction.

The company’s quality and safety policy consist of the following principles and values that govern its daily operation and that determine its vision for the future:

– Production of Quality Products: Pioneering in the production of pet care, hygiene, and grooming products for pets based on the quality, efficiency, and safety of the products and procedures

– Innovation / Know-how: Upgrading and exploring the present knowledge about the skin and coat of pets and looking for new innovative ingredients and procedures that make the difference
in the final result while providing health and wellness.

– Specialization: Advanced products that meet the specific needs of pets. Development of a wide range of products so that each pet can have the ideal product according to its individual needs
and not based on general characteristics of its breed, length, type, or color of the coat.

– Legislation: Commitment of the company to operate under strict protocols of procedures and immediately harmonize its practices in the new legal regulations concerning the production of
pet products and the Legislation in general (product safety, environmental sustainability, and employee safety).

– Customer Focus: Creation of customer-centric practices for immediate response to the needs of customers and to any problems they may face by keeping open communication channels.

– Human Resources: Respect and equal treatment in professional and human relations between all employees and partners of the company to achieve a pleasant working environment.

Continuous education and training of our staff as well as incentives for professional development in order to promote the long-term relationship with the company.

– Safety: Priority is given to the safety of all company personnel with emphasis on the creation of a safe working environment.

– Performance / Quality: Production of quality products specialized and targeted exclusively at the particular needs of pets that promote their health and well-being, as well as with respect to
people and the environment. The driving force behind our every move is PETS’ NEEDS and we are proud of the result that our products can offer.

– Animal testing: None of our products have ever been and will never be tested on animals. Raw materials are tested for their safety with great rigor and extensive laboratory tests of the final
products are carried out based on their use for grooming.

– Environmental Sustainability: Production of highly-concentrated products, with the aim of reducing the use of plastic but also reducing our environmental footprint through the sustainable
use of materials and logistics processes. Recyclable packaging with biodegradable raw materials. Recycling of all by-products from the production and packaging processes.